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tease and denial

Just reading that phrase, did your cock twitch and jump?  Ahhhhhhh, I see!  ~smiles~  I smile because cock control is a passion of Mine!  We both know that cock tease and denial is such a delicious torment — torment to you and erotic thrill for Me!

guided masturbation

I know that you’ve been masturbating for a long time …. but, what you don’t know is that this Experienced Mistress knows what that cock can really do!  ~smiles~  Oh YES!  Imagine what the possibilities are if I know your cock better than you do!  ~smiles~  Guided masturbation is all about learning and doing new things.

Exciting new ways to masturbate

How many ways are there to masturbate?  ~laughs~  The only limit is My creativity.  If you currently use lube – let’s switch things up to a different kind of lube or no lube at all in the beginning of your session.  Anything new and different will create a new experience for you.  Have you tried new cock stroking positions?  There’s a stroking position that I call the twist that you can try when you listen to this free erotic audio.

Erotic role play and masturbation

Erotic role play is a perfect way to explore new fantasies or revisit erotic desires that are lingering there in your …. ahem …. heart.  ((And, yes your cock!))  I know you have erotic needs and desires that you yearn to explore.  Some role play scenes have to do with a favorite fetish — you know My personal love of luxury lingerie, stockings and sexy shoes!  Other role plays give you a taste of My sensual Mistress domination.  Sensual and/or strict …. smart and funny …. role plays bring us both to the edge of ….. hmmmmmmmm

What is YOUR edge?

What to find out?  ~smiles~

Ms Olivia