Talking about crossdressing

Listen to me read you this crossdressing audio.

Have you told your partner that you like to wear women’s lingerie?  Or, do you keep quiet about your love of the silky panties?  For some of you, your crossdressing only comes out to play when you are on travel.  Others of you have a stash of items that you might collect, wear and then purge again and again.

When to tell and why

I’m often asked how to tell a partner about a fetish or secret desire.  For the girly girls, I think it often comes down to this:  is your dressing a sometimes fun kink OR is it an expression of gender identity?  The answer to that question makes all the difference in terms of whether to tell your partner.  There are LOTS of considerations but that’s the beginning of the conversation.

Here’s what one crossdresser says:

“Oh my, this is such a tricky subject to get right! I told my beautiful GF a few months into our relationship because I couldn’t bear the idea of having that kind of secret between us. It was terrifying! She has accepted my femme side but admits she doesn’t really understand it (that’s OK, I don’t either!). She doesn’t really want to be part of it, but knows that it’s something that I do. I can’t really ask for more than acceptance…”

Who know all your secret desires?

Secret desires are often about sex but I know that a lot of you want to confide in more than just erotic topics.  Who do you tell?  Who knows you for ALL of you?  That’s something else to think about.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia