Mistress birthday and thank you!

Thank you so much to some very special callers!  To those of you who send surprises from my Mistress Amazon Wish List or send a virtual bouquet for me to get something special on my own I REALLY appreciate how generous you are!

I talk a lot about how I work to make sure that you get the most out of your phone sex call with me.  I really want you to have the most amazing phone sex call ever.  There are some of you that did something special for me for my birthday and I really appreciate your kindness!

You know I am a Mistress who will thoroughly enjoy myself during our phone sex intimacy but this is even beyond that so I want to highlight your kindness and give a public thank you!

My soon to be collared sissy (who I will feature on the blog soon) sent a virtual bouquet that put a big smile on my face!  I had a great time and THANK YOU for being so thoughtful — above and beyond your normal thoughtful which is very wonderful!

Speaking of special sissy girls, I have another delightful sissy who is featured on my blogs a lot!  She told me she’s sending a surprise and then won’t tell me …. DUH! Because it’s a surprise!  THANK YOU in advance and I do love surprises!

Speaking of surprises, there is a blog commenter who REALLY surprised me.  I thought he was joking as sending a handbag and it turns out he wasn’t joking!  WOW!  That teal color is my favorite and I’m so excited!  I will wear it to opening day for baseball and think of you! ~smiles~

Another blog commenter sent a very sweet gift of a gift card and I got 2 pairs of snazzy yoga shorts because hey, you can’t have too many yoga shorts!  Thank you!

And last but NEVER least…..peter tease toy!  WOW you really outdid yourself with your surprise this time.  You have inspired me and my photography and I do love to be inspired in oh so many ways!  You are now totally forgiven for sidetracking me from work with our mutual love of Firefly! You’re the best! 🙂  You still don’t have permission to cum, but that another blog for another time.  ~grinz~

THANK YOU to everyone who also wrote, tweeted and IM’d birthday greeting and more!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia