Woah the Mistress lingerie auction

I’m getting some really fun calls out of this panty auction!  Some people want to talk about the panties but they can’t actually have them sent to a location.  So I had a wonderful time wearing the panties during calls!  ~laughs~  I think this means I’ll need to do a quick lingerie wash before sending these panties to the home office and then on to the winner of the lingerie auction.  I do have a winner who did private bidding via email.  If you didn’t win, better luck next time if we decide to do the lingerie auction again.

Masturbating with panties

While I’m thinking about fun with lingerie, let me give you a quick masturbation suggestion with a sexy panty.  IF CFNM, clothed female naked male, turns you on then think about this:  Mistress fully dressed and looking super hot.  I reach up under my sexy skirt but you can’t see a thing.  Are you yearning for a glimpse of my delightful pussy? ~laughs~ I know you are!  But you don’t get to see.  ~grinz~  That’s the whole point of CFNM … but you DO get a peek of my panties … right as this sheer, silky thong is sliding down my thighs.  I’ve reached up under my skirt and am doing the panty pull down.  THIS is the art of the tease when we talk about tease and denial.

I toss you my sexy thong

The fabric is still warm from my body.  I let you lift the panty up to catch my scent and then …. what happens then?  ~laughs~ Oh yeah, don’t you want to know!  If you’ve done a call with me you know there are often surprises … very sexy surprises so I’ll leave you thinking about …. what comes next when you call …

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia