Get ready there’s a lot of gratitude coming your way

LDW Group … is made up of people who care.  We care about one another, and we care about you.  Ms. Ally, the Head Mistress knows that actions speak louder than words and you’ve seen that during the anniversary celebrations in November.  It’s our way of saying THANK YOU to you!

To my callers and friends

I adore you!

Okay, some of you really like mean Mistress scenes or wicked humiliation scenes.  That’s super fun, and I adore you for being the pervert losers I can humiliate!  ~laughs~


While on a 2 Mistress call with Ms. Erika, a very special caller and I tried to figure out how long we’ve been talking with one another.  We’re not exactly sure but our connection definitely qualified as a long-term relationship!  I adore you m’dear !!!!

I’m meeting fabulous new friends

I love meeting new people and recently discovered a very exciting connection!  To all of you  … you are VERY SPECIAL to me … thank you so much for an exciting year!  You are all a part of my life, lifestyle, psyche, emotions …. and oh yeah, sometimes my body (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Our amazing dispatchers

I can’t tell you how much a Mistress relies on our Dispatchers and the lovely ladies on Live Help.  VERY special shout-outs to Ms. Molly, Paula, and Kim … they always take time to be quirky and even silly — with me and (sometimes) you … they are amazing professionals and also dear friends of mine.

Okay!  Enough of the mushy stuff

Let’s get back to the NAUGHTY and the SEXY and everything else!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia