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It’s still sub-zero here and even my wifi is COLD!  I like snow but this latest is ….. hmmmmmm ….. ENOUGH!

I woke up this morning to a delightful blog comment about my NEW Wish List and I have gifts *hidden* so that they will be a surprise!

OH OH OH and I do adore surprises …. well, I love them when they’re the good kind of surprise!  ~laughs~  This is the exact opposite of the surprise email I got when Amazon deleted my wish list.  BLEH.


Thank you so much for the surprises coming!  A special thank you shout out to you and you and you who are always so great to play with.  ~smiles~  Peterteasetoy you have outdone yourself with the Serenity and Inara figures!  Go BrownCoats …. if you haven’t seen Serenity, that’s a geek nod to a great series that I love and miss.  Nikki, you always thrill me with your creativity, passion and oh yes our shopping adventures!  ~grinz~  Thank you!

I’m going to get some more hot tea and try and thaw my fingers.  Ohhhhhhh….maybe some hot sex will warm me up?  Want to be my hand warmer?

Ms Olivia