Thank you from the Experienced Mistress

Listen to me tell you thank you in this audio and scroll down for a bonus sexy video.

Tis the season to revel in gratitude.  Throughout the year I say THANK YOU to special people who touch my heart and now it’s that time again to say this publicly.  I am a Mistress AND a real person. Since I’m a grateful kind of person so let me say thank you to you.  I’ve just figured out how to make sexy audios with photos so scroll to the end of this blog post and you will get a sexy visual treat.

Thank you for the naughty

Thank you for telling me your most intimate sexual secrets.  Thank you for the trust, the fun, the wicked naughty and your time.  Some of you have become friends outside of the sex.  To my fellow baseball fans, you are as much fun as this year’s World Series.  To the music lovers, thank you for the songs!  To the explorers thank you for the travel tips and stories.  Thank you to the dog walker for pics of the pups.  Thank you for opening new worlds to ME while I open new kinky fetish worlds to you.

Thank you for respecting my boundaries

I often post about phone sex relationships, communication and managing expectations.  I answer questions like what is a phone sex session.   I really appreciate it when you don’t continue to push my boundaries when I tell you to stop pushing.  THANK YOU!  Those that push or try to manipulate Mistress — you might get bitch slapped with something like the Fuck, Fuck audio … that’s funny but when I’m soured on a relationship you might get blocked.  Thankfully I don’t have to do that often and for that I am grateful.

Now the special sexy audio with photos!

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia