I want to hear your cuckold confession …

…. Because every cuckold story has a beginning.  What’s your story?

Here’s what happened to a favorite writing submissive of mine.  I named him servus because he SERVES me — mmmmm a submissive AND a cuckold — what could be better?  Add in his confession and I’m in the trifecta of my happy Mistress space.

She cheats on him

Here’s what servus writes:

“She may well have been the perfect woman…..until she cheated on me, and started me on my journey into cuckoldry. If only I’d realised then that this is what made her the perfect woman.

We had been dating for nearly a year and things were great. Outside the bedroom we were like best friends, we had the same interests, shared the same sense of humour and spent all our time together. In bed we were electric, she liked to push limits… And I was happy to play along.

We’d been invited to one of her friends’ engagement drinks in a London club and because my girlfriend liked to be spoilt, I booked a flash hotel. Voice controlled everything, duvets to lose yourself in and a bar with the best view over the city. Weekends like this were guaranteed to bring the devil in her and, uncharacteristically, we’d not fucked for days and I was desperate for her.

He is desperate and she is horny

Only ONE of them gets to scratch that itch and I’ll give you just one guess to name who that is.  ~laughs~ Nods. Yep, you’re right. The journey continues tomorrow …

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia