Are you my foot slave?

Listen to my sexy voice tell you about how I find a foot slave.

Here’s the full story of the foot slave.  Well, maybe not the full story ~laughs~ you know this sexy tease audio is just that.  Sure, you can enjoy the tease and then when you want to experience your time with my sexy legs and pretty feet you know what to do.  I am going to talk about how I use sexy shoes to show off my foot fetish.

Sexy shoe dangle

I love the warm weather because this is the perfect time for the shoe dangle.  Honestly, that’s like what they say about fishing: use the right bait, wait till they bite and then reel ’em in.  That’s what the shoe dangle does for someone who loves sexy stockings, stilettos, gorgeous long legs and, of course, sexy feet.

Crossing my sexy legs

When I cross my long legs, I watch you … checking to see your reaction to that distinctive swish of silky nylon on nylon.  I sort of bounce that top leg and let my reinforced heel slip out of that stiletto and then …. that sexy shoe just dangles from my toes.

Worship my feet

I know when I have a true foot connoisseur when your eyes are locked on my arch and your nose flares slightly to catch a hint of that nylon foot in the leather smell.  When I see your face, your eyes, your body language and, of course, your bulging crotch … I can tell what the shoe dangle is doing to you …. well …. It’s time to reel you in and I can the BEST experience of having you love on and worship my feet, my legs, and if you are very, very, very attentive, in just the right way, I might have you worship MORE.  After all, you did just catch a glimpse of my very sexy panties. ~laughs~ Awww, are you squirming now?

What’s the full story of the foot slave?

Tsk, tsk, tsk … that’s way too naughty and sexy for merely a blog post.  Let your curiosity guide your fingers and call me for all your details.  ~wiggles my toes at you~

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia