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How did I get this way?

I wasn’t always a Mistress and I didn’t know that there was a specific term for sexual Dominance that has the Woman in charge.  Like many people who aren’t informed about kink or fetish play, I found it a little unapproachable and scary.

Natural leader to Mistress

In most settings, I end up as the natural leader.  This has always included the sexual arena simply because I am adventurous and not afraid to be the leader.  And, I’ll admit I simply love when I get a lover who likes body worship!  ~smiles~   As I became aware of D/s erotic play, I simply followed My natural leadership abilities.

Education and training of Mistress

If you’ve had a look at My amazon Wish List, then you know that I read and learn.  I’ve always done that.  I’m naturally curious about pretty much everything.  This also applies to Femdom when I started doing domination phone sex.

Books about BDsm

There are several books that I recommend if you’re curious about this thing that is so interesting to Me (and you).

Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns by Phillip Miller and Molly Devon is considered a basic classic.  She is the bottom or submissive and he is the Top or Master Dominant.  The additional title says it talks about the romance and sexual sorcery of sadomasochism.  It’s a great mix of insight into their relationship as well as a how to book about toys and techniques.

Psychological and spiritual aspects of kink play

Two of My favorite books from the fetish scene are more about psychology, spirituality and transcendence than specifically about techniques.  Peter Masters book called This Curious Human Phenomenon is more about the WHY then the how to.  I loved it!  Radical Ecstasy by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy is an amazing book that opened My eyes to using BDsm to really explore outside the box.

What have you read about BDsm?

What are some of the books that you’ve read about BDsm that you love?  Tell Mistress!  Or, do you simply crave My special brand of cock control and don’t care about the psychology!  ~laughs~  Tell Me about that too!  🙂

Ms Olivia