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Do YOU like stockings as much as I do?  *wink*

A really great pair of legs can stop traffic!  Sheer, sexy stockings make My long legs really put on a show and stop you in your ….. tracks. Let’s talk about our mutual love of all things silky on your phone sex call.

What do you love about stockings?

Look carefully at the photo, that seam up the back of a sheer pair is a path to the pleasure cove! Or maybe you believe that the journey is even more fun than the destination!  As you can tell, I love wordplay as much as I adore the silky feel of fully fashioned nylons on my legs.

Legs and high heels can spin a submissive man into erotic torment.  *wink*  And, if you have a foot or leg fetish then you’re falling under My influence right now, aren’t you?

Crossdressers and stockings

Maybe you’re looking at that photo and you start to imagine yourself in a garter belt, sheer nylons, and sexy high heels.  If you’re a crossdresser then you know that there are many styles of tights, pantyhose, and nylons.  What are the best stockings for a crossdresser to wear?  The answer is the same as for Me, wear what makes you feel sexy!

Maybe we should ALL go to a party!  A sexy adventure like you can hear in this erotic audio about the thigh high stockings party!   Tell Me all about your love of stockings!  Ohhhhh that sounds just little like the phrase, “I’ll show you mine, if you show Me yours.”  ~laughs~

Ms Olivia

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