What is it like to have a series of phone sex calls with Me?

One delightful gentleman wrote this answer to that question.

“When I started this series of phone sex sessions, I thought I was just planning to fill in a few evenings with some sexy fun.  But now, four days in, I have become completely consumed by my desire and your desire.  From just a few minutes a day of hearing your voice, exchanging a few words, and submitting myself to your control, I have filled my day with excitement, suspense and aching desire from the time I wake to the time I go to sleep, and all through my dreams as well.”

Here is just a short audio of the experience of erotic Tease and Denial that I call The Summons.

He continued, “And you, Olivia, have been delightfully playful, imaginative, thoughtful and intelligent.  Your imagination keeps me guessing all the time and I never know what will come next. This, I think, is your greatest asset.  It is easy for someone to listen to you telling them what you are into and then repeating it back to you in a sexy voice.  It is another thing entirely to get inside my mind, and gleefully mess with what you find there.  That takes genuine talent, commitment and empathy.”

What can I possibly say to that?  Whew.

If you’d like to discuss your erotic fantasy with Me before the call …. send an email to empress.olivia@yahoo.com …. or you can join Me and Empress Marissa in the Community Kink Chat Room every Tuesday night at 9pm eastern.

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