Sex music sets the scene

For those of you in the BDsm scene, what’s on your kink playlist? Music is powerful and I use the rhythm of various songs to keep pace in an in person play party.  When I’m on the phone with you, I will often have music sort of “playing” in my mind as I’m doing the pacing of your story arc in our phone sex call.

BDsm playlist

If you google things like BDsm playlist, sex music or music for making love you will find all sorts of fabulous music!  I have my own fetish playlists.  Music for kink scenes always has a really heaving or pulsing beat.  I don’t want music that will make me listen to the song; that’s too distracting.  I want the beat and the background.  Something like Closer by Nine Inch Nails is perfect. The beginning of the song even sounds like spanking!

Cock stroking to music

I love incorporating music into a masturbation assignment and then turning it into some wicked tease and denial.  Of course, I can turn pretty much anything into a cock tease so music is just the topic right now.

Music IS sexual

Whether or not your music choices are overtly sexual, music is part of the human experience and that means it’s part of the sexual experience as well.  Hey there’s even studies that back this up.  Truthfully I had to laugh at this excerpt from Psychology Today: “Music can enhance sexual experiences by reducing stress, increasing intimacy, and inspiring different emotions.”  The article is “Listening to music while having sex.”

Studies about sex

Okay, this reminds me of a question I always ask myself when I read a study about sex.  Who comes up with this idea and who will pay someone to study something that has the conclusion “music is good, sex is good, music and sex are good together.”  DUH!

Question about your sex music

What do YOU love?  What’s on your fetish playlist (if you have a kink scene playlist)?  What music gets you all hot and sexy?  Do tell!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia