I love being in control

My cock control starts from your first interaction with this chastity Mistress, as you can hear from my tone of voice in this chastity audio.

Here’s an email I got recently from someone who says he is curious about chastity. He writes:

What are your expectations for subs?
Is it ok to check in with you via email or IM? I know you said email is best,
What type of device do you recommend I get?
How many minutes or sessions do you require from a sub to be considered in good standing? That’s all I can think of for now, I’m sure I could go on and on lol.

Answers to my Mistress style, kink questions and more

He wants to have long interactions via email before a session.  I understand that desire but as I told him, personal, private and individualized attention is a session but I can direct people to my chastity interview done by the Intelligent Femdom Miss Constance (who is fucking amazing!).
Mistress Interview part 1 – expectations, what I look for, my lockup style, etc.
Mistress Interview part 2 – length of lockup, new to chastity, punishment for cage removal, life changes for pet and changing minds.
Mistress Interview part 3 – key holding, locked forever, interaction with Mistress, handling emotions, handling trouble and misbehavior.

What I want everyone to know about chastity

You might or might not be ready to be cock locked.  This type of cock control and submission to your Dominant isn’t for everyone.  You also need to know that I vet you as a possible submissive. I take on select chastity pets because I also insist on enjoying our interactions.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia