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You have a tiny dick, awww.

You probably think you know how women feel about men with a small penis.   CLICK HERE to listen to the audio of this blog post.  I know lots of you go to our phone sex Live Help Desk to ask if your cock size is ‘normal.’  Perhaps you understand that you don’t please us sexually in bed.   But, what you may not know is some women actually DO enjoy your tiny dick.  ~laughs~

Mistress laughs at your tiny dick

What is the real reason men with pin dicks exist?  Why it’s to amuse someone like this Experienced Mistress.  And, make no mistake, you DO amuse Me!

You have a purpose in life ~grinz~.  Awwww, did you think I meant sex?  Nope!  You can come to our party, but YOU are the entertainment for Me and My naughty girlfriends who love to tease you.

Why I laugh at your small penis

Here’s an example from a call.  This guy calls and we’re talking on the phone.  He sends Me links to photos of him.  He’s dressed and looking good….I mean, this guy is handsome!  Then he let’s loose with the bad news….he’s got a 4 inch dick.  Awwwwwww.  I start to laugh …. And if you haven’t heard Me laugh then you should listen to My laughter on this free erotic audio.  I’m laughing because he called us looking for cock control and cock stroking!

I’m also laughing because he looks like he should have a big dick or at least an average sized penis.  But, he doesn’t.  He’s SMALL but the rest of him is good looking!  Now that there is funny, I don’t care who you are!

Sensual versus hardcore erotic humiliation

There is an art to erotic humiliation and part of the thrill ride is to know when to be sensual and when to be a hardcore Mistress.  There IS a difference between hardcore and sensual humiliation.  I often go back and forth between sensual and hardcore….sort of like spicing it all up just at the right moment.

Here’s your question.  Do YOU like erotic humiliation?  If you like small penis humiliation, do you have a small penis?  Do you like it mean or sweet or a combo?


Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia