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This blog post about the Giantess fantasy is long overdue!  I’ve talked about My love for the Giantess fetish in other blog posts but I’ve never done a post devoted to one of the most creative erotic roleplays ever!  So, HERE you go for all you tiny men traveling your keyboards!  ~laughs~

This was inspired by 2 inch tall who is the cutest damn little man!  AND, your are so thoughtful!  Since you went on My Wish List and sent Me My favorite mac makeup lipstick and mac makeup lip glass …. I got very …. ahem…. creative with LIPS.  You can probably TELL that with the photo!  ~smiles~

The reason why I like lip glass is because it is very STICKY and you know that can be absolute torment to a shrunken tiny man!  I’ve also been thinking about tiny men because Lady Gaga has the ad campaign for her new perfume full of tiny men all over a naked Giant Woman.  Now THAT is MY kind of perfume!  That combined with the lipstick.  RUN FELLAS RUN!

~laughs~  Well you can run….but you sure can’t hide.  Granted I might not see you then you might accidentally get stuck in My Giantess panties and then when I got to put those panties on…..ohhhhh ohhhhhhh!  Or, what about the time when I didn’t realize that you fell into My cereal?  ~laughs~  That sure gives new meaning to grab the Cheerios for your…. ahem …. health!  Or…..the time lil tiny guy almost got impaled on My high heels.  I just LOVE dancing in My stilettos and that can get VERY dangerous if I can’t see you!  Ooopsie!  ~laughs~

I love finding out exactly what makes this fetish come alive for you.  I’m not the only Mistress here on Giantess Island so if your hours don’t match mine (I’m here daytime, eastern) then just contact our phone sex Live Help Desk and they’ll direct you to exactly what you need.  The won’t save you once you’re in My lovely polished fingernails, coming up up up to My Giant face and close to those luscious sticky Giantess lips!

Have YOU tried the Giantess fantasy?  What’s your favorite scene?

*licks lips — ummmmm*

Giantess Olivia