Masturbation May is OUR kind of celebration

Listen to my voice in your audio tips for Masturbation May.

Here at LDW Group and the private lives of Mistresses here, we are celebrating THE holiday season for us — Self LOVE!  ~laughs~ Cruise around to the various blogs to find out all sorts of fun things to do.  I’m going to give you some TIPS to help you expand your masturbating …. ahem … experience.  I’m a big fan of sensation play so my tips are about increasing sensations during masturbation.

Lube or no lube

Switch up your cock stroking.  If you’re a lube guy, then try a dry stroke.  If you only stroke dry, then try lube!  Not sure what lube to try? You need to check out the Lube Reviews from the Intelligent Femdom Miss Constance.  I also want you to try two other ways to season your cock — try stroking with olive oil or coconut oil — hey, it’s all natural and you’ll smell like a snack!

Switch up your masturbation

If you’re like most men, you masturbate the same way.  That’s why masturbating is more fun with a Mistress — we give you new ways to experience erotic pleasure.  There are MANY ways to stroke.  Here’s a quick Fire and Ice Cock Stroking assignment that gives you one example (of many) that you can use to try something new!  Other ideas include use an alternate hand for stroking, turn your hand in a new position, look at a new kind of porn, … really ANYTHING that gives you a new experience.  NOW is the time to explore and experience something new.  After all, if you don’t like it, don’t do it again. You’re sure won’t break anything ~laughs~ and you might find something that makes you go OH!

What are some ways you enjoy stroking?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia