Have you ever been curious about what women really think about your penis?  If so, you’re not alone.  While the blog title talks about the truth of dick pics, by extension it is also the truth about your cock.

Why men send unsolicited dick pics

Some men send dick pics simply for the thrill but others really do want the unvarnished truth about dick pics and what a woman thinks about his penis.  Here you go, this is your chance to scratch that itch. 

You can have us evaluate your penis at any time, but we want to highlight this anniversary special. Every Tuesday in November, you can have 2 ladies for the price of one (for the first 10 minutes) on 2 Mistress Tuesday. There are all sorts of fun phone sex anniversary specials you don’t want to miss.

Women talk about dicks

When women get together, especially with some drinks in us, the conversation often roams into penis territory.

I was talking with Ms. Daphne who said:

“Hey, we should do a dick rating or cock review offer as part of 2 Mistress Tuesdays.  Guys are always asking: Does She Like My Dick Pics? Who wouldn’t want to have 2 women take a look and give a cock rating?” 


Check out this episode of The Weekly Hot Spot to hear the conversation between me and Ms Erika.  We’ll include interviews with some members of our newly formed Dick Review Team. They talk about what they look for when rating a penis. Listen to How Women Rate A Dick. This isn’t the whole team, it’s just the ones that I was able to snag quickly for an interview.

If you want the individual Mistress interview only, here’s a handy list:

We are all slow to the Dick Review game – I need to point out that Duchess Willow is the original Dick Rating Reviewer here at LDW Group.  Check out Duchess Willow’s blog about the History of Dick Ratings. If you haven’t talked with the Duchess, I highly recommend her – she’s amazing!

What makes a cock impressive?  

Hint — it’s not size alone.  That’s why you need a penis rating.  And, you need to have your cock review done by several women.  What one woman loves, another won’t care about.  

In an earlier post announcing that we want your dick pics for a penis rating Goddess Mandy and I talked about penis preferences.  Unlike Ms Daphne, Goddess Mandy likes a cut cock. 

Me?  I confessed to liking the variety of both cut and uncut; both have distinctive and beautiful attributes.  Maybe I just like to look at cocks, that is probably the simplest explanation.

This anniversary celebration is already a huge success for me because I love to team up with the wonderful, strong, and creative women here. Check out how to celebrate the LDW Group phone sex anniversary with us.

Many of the reviews will be a serious conversation about the aesthetics of your cock.  If you know us, we’ll be teasing you because that’s fun!  If we think (or know) you are okay with some erotic humiliation we can get as rough as you think you can handle!

Oh and we want to be HELPFUL (lol) and this is a fantastic idea from the Scarlet Mistress we should offer a service: cock posing 101 for dick pics success.

I want to hear from YOU — how did you feel when you listened to multiple women talk about cocks?  We’ve obviously formed some strong opinions and we’d love to share them with you.

Please don’t send a dick pic without permission or unless you want us to rate your cock on a call. 

Happy stroking!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia