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When Masturbation Alone Gets Boring

Sometimes masturbation can get boring!

Yes, as good as masturbation feels, when you’re doing the same thing over and over it begins to lose it’s thrill.

You know that, don’t you?  We both know that!

Typical Masturbation Isn’t Enough

That’s when you need expert guidance of someone who can give you cock control tease and denial.  You can also try new ideas on your own, like this comment from one caller:

“I wanted to try something different. At first I rubbed my cock against the sheets on my bed. It was great at first then it started to hurt and’ get raw. Then it was vaseline.”

This delightful caller was steered to sex toys….we don’t want you parts getting rubbed raw with creative but ineffective masturbation items!

Sex Toys Spice Up the Bedroom

So, you’re looking for something ‘new.’  THAT is when it’s time for something new!  Since you’re being bombarded with Holiday shopping ideas, here’s an idea in this free erotic audio about sex toy shopping!  Now, doesn’t THAT put you in the mood for shopping unlike some of the other, tedious ads for all the Holiday stuff?  *wink*

Sexy Toys are the Ideal Christmas Present

I was cruising around the internet the other day and came across some news that sex toy and kink fetish toys are all hugely popular this season.  Apparently, lots of (supposedly) vanilla women are shopping for the sex toys they read about in 50 Shades of Grey!  I love this!  So far, the 50 Shades brands of sex toys are selling as fast as a submissive squirms.  BUT ….. these are women buying toys to try and make their man into the Dominant Male character, Christian Grey.

What if You’re a Male Submissive?

If you’re a male submissive then this isn’t good news for you because you want the Woman to be a Femdom.  What to do?  What to do?  ~laughs~  There’s only ONE answer and that is to find your perfect Femdom Mistress.  One way to do this is to ask the lovely ladies on our Live Help Desk for a Mistress recommendation.

Of course, if you like My voice and My blogs, just pick up the phone!  ~smiles~

Now, I’ve got a question for blog readers.  What masturbation aid or sex toy have you tried to create when you’re wicked horny?  Did it work?  Tell Me everything!

Ms Olivia