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Two Mistress Treat!

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Ms Meredith is The Sexy Truth and in honor of her anniversary month, you get a TREAT!  ~grinz~

BEHAVE yourself!  ~laughs~ I might post MORE photos.

Ohhhhhh, should I put one of these photos in the password protected special erotic photos?  I’ll ask Ms Meredith if she wants to do a Cock Stroker Academy blog post with me …. ~wink~ … can you handle TWO of us?  Hmmmmmm?

IM chat — what Mistresses say to one another

I was chatting with Ms Meredith about her anniversary and, of course, started asking her questions about her views on what we do.

I’ll admit that when I started at LDW Group (my first and only phone sex company) I had some preconceptions of who calls phone sex.  I wanted to see if that was the same for Ms Meredith.  That’s how the Mistress IM chat started and now YOU get to *listen in* …. ENJOY!

enchantrixolivia:  Hey Meredith!  Is JAN your anniversary month?

enchantrix.meredith:  Yes, it is! A great way to start the new year.

enchantrixolivia:  Love it!  How long have you been with LDW Group?

enchantrix.meredith:  5 years! I can’t believe it! Seems like only yesterday I started talking sexy!

enchantrixolivia:  OMG!  My 6 year anniversary is in April.  I thought we both started around the same time …. give or take a couple of months.  Sooooooo…..I don’t think I’ve ever asked you. What was YOUR first phone sex call like?  ~laughs~  Did you “know” what you were doing?  I didn’t!

enchantrix.meredith:  I was a little nervous, I admit! I mean, I had talked sexy with boyfriends, but this was totally different. It was all about chastity and he had been locked for months. That may be where my love of that fetish started!

enchantrixolivia:  ~laughs~   I fucking dropped the phone on my first professional phone sex call!    Have you been surprised at just how INTIMATE our relationships get?

enchantrix.meredith:  lol. It can be intense!  oh yes. You can’t help but develop phone relationships.

Those intense relationships happen because you actually tell us your sexual secrets and do some advanced fantasy exploration through phone sex!  Are YOU ready for the New Year?  We are!  ~grinz~

Ms Olivia