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What’s under that white coat that I’m wearing?  If you are a willing subject, you just might get to SEE!

Here’s the reality of your situation right now.  Your Doctor is My friend and we have been plotting about YOU!  We’ve decided to turn you into a study for our research on men.  Therefore, when you come in for your regularly scheduled physical exam, we turn the exam table on you and outline a very THOROUGH exam.

When you arrive at our office, you will hear something like this:  Free Erotic Audio.  We will get you all …. prepared and ….. ahem … ready.

Remember this is all for medical science.  We’ll need to be very thorough, detailed, and exacting.

Didn’t I tell you?  You’re going to be in a study that looks at cock teasing and cock control.  You will need to stay HERE for the duration of the study.  Don’t worry you’ll be quite comfortable in all ways but, perhaps, one.  ~laughs~

People will come in to study your physical responsiveness to various sorts of stimulation.  Ohhhhh, don’t worry.  Our staff has done this before.  We have a body of research to back up all our activities.  Do you have any questions?

Oh!  you’re wondering about that poster on the wall?  Why yes, that’s Me.  But, noooooo….I won’t be disrobing, you will be.  Yes it is time for naked male, clothed female during these various tests.  Now, don’t be shy, you’ll find you’ll be doing a number of things you never thought you would do, for example, have you ever thought about tasting your own cum?  Well, that might be part of your research protocol ….but, I’m getting ahead of Myself.  Get comfortable and I’ll see you in the morning.

Mistress (Doctor) Olivia