I know I say this all the time but you really ARE unique.  Your own personal experiences, erotic dreams and fantasy explorations make each and every erotic phone sex session special.

Each person has unique sexual desires.  There are certain, specific, sexual triggers for each person.

The art of the cock tease

One of My special skills is to find out your sexual triggers and then tease you until you explode after My expertly crafted tease and denial session.  Now that I write that I realize that’s not accurate.  Some of you will NOT be allowed to cum.  It will really depend on how best to please your Mistress.  ~grinz~  Even if you are on orgasm denial, you will experience the exquisite torture of My creativity!

One unusual fetish

One particular caller has a specific fetish.  It is a wicked and detailed erotic roleplay session.  I know the sexual triggers that will send him over the edge when I decide it’s time for him to explode!  Until that time though, he is in My very capable control!  And believe Me, this is erotic wickedness at it’s best as when he hears Me describe My white cable knit knee socks and how I’m going to use tickle torture in our call.

Each phone sex call is different

While you can often have the same basic erotic fantasy, it’s My creativity that makes each call different and memorable.  I take this skill seriously and I upgrade My skills constantly.  If you haven’t seen some of the books on My Wish List, then you can see just some of the ways I constantly improve My skills for you!  THIS is one of the many ways why the Experienced Mistress is very different from your wife or girlfriend in the erotic fantasy department.

Have YOU experienced My creativity and sensual wickedness?  Do tell!  *wink*

Ms Olivia

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