Lots of free sexy from Mistress

Listen to this Mistress tell you about the free sexy.

Let me take you on a quick trip around LDW Group land — or, as we call it — Enchantrix Empire. There are so many way to connect with your favorite Mistress it’s almost hard to keep up with them all.

I create all this free sexy content so you have lots of ways to connect with me before your session — and in between our private session time.  I want you to have your best phone sex call ever so enjoy all the sexy ways to follow each Mistress.

Sexy posts and intimate comments

My tumblr is:  Phone Sex Mistress Olivia — Tumblr is best for all sorts of amazing photos.  I also get inpsired when I repost erotic or interesting images so you’ll see a combination of posts from me and reposted images that catch my eyes.  You “can” leave me private messages in tumblr, but I don’t recommend it because I don’t keep tumblr open all the time.

Adult podcast with candid talk about sex

My BFF Ms Delia and I host the adult podcast called The Weekly Hot Spot — you can listen to episodes on the blog or on Cock Radio on Spreaker.  Speaking of Cock Radio on Spreaker, check out all the adult podcasts — including my new show called All Mistress Interviews.  You’ll see interviews with your Favorite Mistresses and get to know each sexy woman in a whole new way.

Calling all cum eaters

This is my main blog.  I have another blog called Coached To Eat Cum — for all the naughty and kinky cum eaters out there.


Thank you to all of you who say thank you for all the free sexy fun!  And a special thank you to those of you who take your time to say thank you like this special slut toy:

“Between Your posts in Tumblr, Twitter and elsewhere I feel I am with You all the time! I know how busy You are so Thank You so much for all You do!! Even though it’s intended for all Your clients, You have such a way of making it personal and I imagine You are whispering in my ear only-perhaps it’s my vanity or perhaps egocentric on my part… but I LOVE it!  You are soooo fantastic and put me in subspace with the greatest of ease!”

There are lots of other ways to connect.  Mmmmmmm.  So …. let’s connect!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia