In honor of 2 Mistress Tuesdays for our anniversary month (November, 2021) a group of ladies will team up to tell you what we think of your penis. We’ll look at your dick pics while we’re on a call and we’ll tell you what we think of your cock.

The dick pics review team

Look for fun stuff from Mandy, Madison, Daphne, Scarlet, Roxie and Claire.  My podcast partner Ms Erika and Miss Constance will be available if you plan ahead for your call. Stay tuned because I’m sure there with be other Mistresses who want to judge your junk.

Please don’t send a dick pic without permission or unless you want us to rate your cock on a call.  

On 2 Mistress Tuesday you get 10 minutes for $27.50 that means you get 2 Mistresses for the price of one for the first 10 minutes! (Anything over 10 minutes is the regular price).

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Goddess Mandy – cock connoisseur

You can listen to the whole conversation I had with Goddess Mandy about how we’re going to do dick reviews.  Here are some excerpts.

Ms. Olivia:  I’m really excited about this call for dick pics for us to review.

Goddess Mandy:  I think you guys are gonna love it. I think you are going to want to hear what we are going to say about your dick. 

The truth about penis size

You have probably heard that women want a huge cock.  So, it makes sense that any man want to know “how does my cock stack up?”  

Does your lover tell you the truth?

Goddess Mandy and I talk about whether we have lied to a guy about his penis.  This is a confession you won’t hear anywhere else and it might surprise you.  This is the answer to the question you’ve always wondered.

Penis public service announcement

Think of this call for dick pics as our version of a public service announcement.  It’s not really a PSA — it’s a PPSA – penis public service announcement.

Penis rating system

Unless you want small penis humiliation we’re going to do an actual critique of your cock.

We’ll give you our first impressions: visuals, aesthetic impressions, size, shape, veins, and grooming.

Discussion about penis preferences

Goddess Mandy ended up surprising Ms Olivia with her aesthetic preferences.This leads to a lively conversation about circumcised versus uncircumcised cocks.  The ladies have different takes on what looks the best which is why you really need to have more than one Mistress review your dick pic.


There are so many options for manscaping and, once again, the ladies have different preferences.  I point out that lots of hair means that there’s way more hair spitting during a blow job. If you want to hear a really fun and sexy podcast, check out How to Give a Blow Job (with Goddess Mandy as our guest).

Classic cock or something else

We don’t know what rating system we’ll use.  Maybe it’ll be a 5 star system or maybe a sliding scale.  We still need to come up with that but rest assured you will have a great time with us no matter what system we finally choose.

Are you ready?  Remember, don’t spam us with a bunch of unsolicited photos. When you’re ready for your call, send your dick pic.

Aren’t you happy we’re having this anniversary celebration? We are!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia