Curious about wearing panties for Mistress?

Many of you know that I love to feminize a man.  Sexy lingerie is often way to begin your feminization but wearing panties doesn’t automatically mean you’re feminine.  I’m always cautious about blanket statements and judgments.  We both know that people tend to be multi-faceted and you might be kinky, submissive or simply adventurous!

Enjoy this audio about wearing panties for Mistress.

Submissive man serves Mistress

There are so many ways to express your desire to serve your Femdom Mistress.  Putting you in panties is one of my favorite ways to really SEE your submission to Mistress.  PLUS, that tight, silky fabric around your balls feels amazing, doesn’t it?  ~grinz~

Reaction from one phone sex caller

I always say, don’t knock it till you try it!  Trying something new and naughty is no exception (unless you KNOW you hate it).  Always remember, just because you like something when you’re in a particular mood that one thing doesn’t have to define you always.  Here’s what one caller says:

“I enjoy them when I am locked in chastity for 2 reasons 1)panties make for a snug fit around the cage and 2) it is,a constant reminder that some else controls it.”

Cock control

Yes, let’s talk about cock control.  What better way to torment you than to let you know you WILL get into my panties.  WOAH, you think you’re going to score big time, don’t you?  ~laughs~  Well, what you find out is that you will get IN my panties, literally.  Awww, not quite what you expected, is it? Now, who controls that cock?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia