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I know that you’re used to Me as the sensual Mistress.  I know that most of these blog posts are flirty and fun.  Today, we’re going to switch it up a bit!

You’ll have nearly a week to think about this because I will be away today, Thursday October 18th, through the weekend.  I’ll be back on Wednesday October 24.  If you’d like to hear ALL about My time in New York City, then I look forward to speaking with you next week.

Mistress feels wicked!

If you’re a regular reader you know that Mistress can get strict or even sadistic under certain circumstances.  Extreme chastity training is one of those situations.  This calls for a level of power exchange that is delightful to Me.

Imagine, if you will, My voice saying:  “Would you like to be released from chastity?  Is that what you’re asking Mistress?  Ask Me nicely.  Now, beg. Ohhhh, that sounds good.  Beg some more.  Hmmmmmm, let Me see……should I or shouldn’t I?”  ~laughs~

Cock locked and extended chastity for Mistress

Is penis release and orgasm relief in your future?  Will it be today, tomorrow, next week, next month….next….year?  When?  That’s what you’re really asking isn’t it?  You’re begging for release and you’re asking Mistress how long I will keep you in chastity.  This level of cock control really shows what you can take.

Mistress loves to hear begging by a man in chastity

When you’re on pretend chastity you might be locked up for a couple days or a couple weeks…..but when you become a REAL chastity slave to this Experienced Mistress you will be locked in chastity for ……. Hmmmm, are you looking for a certain amount of time?  ~laughs~  Mistress will determine how long.  I will determine everything.  What you wear, when you wear it, how you get out, if you get out, what you will do for Mistress while you’re in it….etc.

You ….. you will obey.  That’s your only job.  Actually, I’m not so sure I can even say that your obedience is up to you.  ~laughs~  After all you ARE in chastity.

Are you ready for some serious chastity?  Are you SURE you are ready?  What’s the longest time you’ve been denied an orgasm?

Let’s talk about how serious you are about this particular sexual fetish of male chastity.

Ms Olivia