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Let’s talk about your penis!

Do you name your dick? Many of you do. ~ laughs ~ After all, you spend a lot of time with your cock, don’t you?

It’s your friend. Your partner in all kinds of naughty crimes. It’s your downfall and your deliverance.

No matter what your relationship is with your penis, you’ve got a bond. I know! So, tell Me about your dick.  I’ve also created a poll about this on Enchantrix Empire, our adult social networking site.  Be sure to vote and I’ll respond to your comments here and on EE.

Does your penis have a name?

No matter your specific relationship with your penis, it is the source of intense feelings, isn’t it? Do you like it enough to name it? I knew a guy who called his cock The General. *nods* And, believe Me, the size of that monster cock made Me want to enlist! LOL

I’ve heard the penis called a lot of things. One of the best things about phone sex is I can ask you all kinds of questions that I wouldn’t be able to ask in, so called, normal settings! So, use the comments to tell Me about you.

Cock names and fetish identification

Some crossdressers also switch physical gender names …. so a penis becomes a clit or clitty or sissy stick.   For those of you who don’t want to gender play but like being a man in panties when the cock tends to stay a cock even while trapped in lacy panties.

For the small dick losers (and you know who you are) you’ve been able to rationalize the feelings of shame into the rollercoaster of erotic humiliation …. and now, small penis humiliation feels really good. It’s a rush to hear a lovely Femdom taunt and tease you about your inadequate wee weeney.

No matter what you call it….you know you need cock control.

Whatever you call it…..oftentimes that member has a mind of it’s own and needs cock control by an Experienced Mistress.  So, tell Me about your relationship with your penis.  Does that appendage between your legs have a NAME?

Ms Olivia