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What is WICKED to you?

You know My love of words so this also becomes a way to talk about what we all consider wicked.  It’s sort of like the blog post I did where I am asked if I think erotic fantasies are creepy and then examine the word pervert itself.

My pet bumkin points out

“I would need a definition for wicked thoughts. Mainly because what was once considered as may or may not be “wicked” are more like Normal for me now. I kind of thought maybe the stick shift was directed at me since i know that You want to “shift” my 10 gears…was that a “wicked thought”?

What’s wicked — anal sex?

There are some people who think anal play is off limits. They don’t like it and it’s off limits for them.  Sometimes something might be off limits for a time and then you get curious about it.  Anal sex is often like that so it’s important to find out if anal play is for you.

Dominance and submission — is that too wicked?

Don’t be put off by the media portrayals of the kink scene.  Power exchange play is nuanced and fun AND couples who engage in kinky fetish sex actually have happier sex lives according to new research.  There are many varieties of the Femdom Mistress from the Sensual Femdom to the Strict Mistress.  There are sorts of erotic games to play with various types of Domination by this Experienced Mistress.

Let’s hear from you….what do YOU think of the term Wicked Thoughts?

Ms Olivia

ps YES bumkin, that comment about how I want you to “shift” all 10 gears IS aimed at you!  ~grinz~