I have always been interested in the concept of sissy transformation–the process of turning a regular, albeit submissive, guy into a total sissy. Now that I’ve met you, I see I have the perfect candidate for this sort of thing. You’re a man in a position of authority, but you have secret submissive desires because you sometimes need a break from that position of authority. And as for me, well, I’m in the mood to turn the tables on you.

Coerced Feminization Sissy transformation by Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-6975 You don’t have any sissy desires (yet). You will, eventually, but you aren’t aware of any of this just yet. I’ve just informed you we’re going on a long weekend together, and you’re very excited, thinking we’re about to take this relationship to the next level. And we are, so to speak, just not in a way you could ever imagine!

A Vacation With Your Soon-To-Be Mistress

You packed your suitcase last night and made sure you had everything you need. But I’m devious sometimes! I switched it with one that’s full of nothing but the girliest, frilliest, most feminine outfits you can possibly imagine. You’ll be none the wiser until we get to where we’re going and you open it, in search of something.

I have all the things in there I want you to wear, from panties to dresses and accessories. There won’t be a thing you can do, as there won’t be any male clothing to be had in our little cabin in the woods. You’ll either have to get naked for me, which will be rather chilly for where we’re going, or you’ll have to go en femme. I’m pretty sure I know which one you’re going to have to choose….

Feminization Through Necessity

In order to keep you from freezing, your sissy transformation will be hurried along. You’ll have to wear those girly outfits. You simply won’t have a choice! But I’ll promise when you put them on that it’ll be our secret. No one will ever know. (Yet, anyway).

The name of the game is feminization, and this experienced Mistress is the best at it. If we were at home, your sissy transformation would take much longer. But when you’re feminized through necessity–the need not to freeze–a lot of the nonsense goes out the window. You’ll simply shut up and wear the clothes.

Furthering Your Sissy TransformationSissy sex feminization and transformation Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Once you’re dressed, I’ll keep my word about not letting anyone know (for now). This, however, means we won’t be able to go outside. So if we’re all cooped up in the cabin for the weekend, what is there to do? Furthering your sissy transformation, of course! Every stylish sissy needs to know how to do her makeup, deal with wigs, and walk in heels. You have a lot to learn and a very short time in which to learn it.

You’ll become my sissy slave in no time. Before the weekend is over, you’ll be begging me not to make you change back into men’s clothes when we get back home. And I will very happily oblige you with that!

BDSM kink podcast The Weekly Hot Spot chastity LocktoberOnce your sissy transformation is complete, what happens then? Oh, there’s only one way to find out. But here’s a hint: It’ll probably involve a strap on. Just sayin’. Check out the BDSM kink podcast that I do with Ms Erika. There are lots of sissy training and feminization tips including episodes like this one on sissy sex!

If this sissy transformation roleplay sounds like something you would enjoy or if you have sexy transformation scene, give me a call! We’ll have a lot of fun! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia