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What is male chastity?  This is the ultimate in cock control.

It’s more than just the cock cage.  It’s more than just physical restraint.  Male chastity is the thrilling combination of physical sensation, emotional turmoil, psychological purpose and power exchange connection with your Femdom Mistress.  It is all of that and much more!

This IS challenging so you will need to remember that a challenge is, by definition, challenging. ~~laughs~~  Male chastity is not for the faint of heart!

Male Chastity Phone Sex is Challenging

Chastity is all about a Woman who controls the shots…..literally.    Your cum shots will belong to Me.  The content of your balls will be Mine.  Even when you will be allowed to get a hard on is under My control.  This is the ultimate experience of belonging to a Mistress.  You belong to Me.

Being Cocklocked is Emotional

Does My voice telling you, “Mistress is going to put you in this chastity device” sound thrilling or intriguing?  Maybe it sounds a little scary but the submissive male in you wants to find out more.  Your level of experience with male chastity doesn’t really matter.   My level of dominance submission power exchange play does matter and I am the Experienced Mistress.

Have you tried tease and denial games?  Did you like them?  Are you curious to see how long you can last with some orgasm denial games?  Are you even curious about wearing a cock cage?  Or do you know you’re totally ready for chastity training with Mistress.  Let’s talk about what you’re ready to experience with Me.

You can give a call to talk about this….or leave comments and questions here.  *wink*

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