The Weekly Hot Spot BDSM kink podcast 1-800-601-6975Power exchange is a BDSM term.  Like many words in the kink or fetish area, the definition is not ‘set.’  Definitions are very dependent on your D/s culture, individuals involved, types of fetish play, type of relationship, etc.

As always, post your comments, questions, and ideas in the comments section.  You might just inspire future blog posts and more erotic audios like this free erotic audio on one power exchange scene.

Catchall definition of power exchange

Loosely defined it is what it intuitively sounds like.  Power flows from one person to the other.  The two people are not ‘equal’ in their personal power.  As a Femdom Mistress, I am in charge by mutual agreement and you give some certain aspects of your personal power to Me.  I find it thrilling to be the Dominant Woman!  Once we get beyond that simple idea, things get … well … complicated!  Which is what I personally like about the kink scene.

Range of kinky behaviorsFemdom Mistress Sessions Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-6975

BDsm actually refers to a range of behaviors, attitudes, erotic roleplay and more.  One person’s amazingly satisfying time can shock someone who isn’t into that particular kink.  Part of the joy of finding fetish partners is exploring and getting ideas from someone else.  As the Experienced Mistress I have real time experience in the kink scene, but I also learn from My phone sex callers!

Dominant versus submissive

When you call for domination phone sex, I am generally the Dominant or the Experienced Mistress and you assume the role of submissive.  We talk for a bit about what you want, is it erotic roleplay, conversations about kink/fetish activities or physical activities?  Conversations are like a buffet and you can choose any or all of the above!  If I am the Dominant then I will be in charge but you as the submissive also have power of a sort because, otherwise, how can you give Me power?

It’s complicated!

Like most things in BDsm culture, it’s nuanced!  I like that.  Tell Me, do you have questions about power exchange, Mistress domination or how this is used in phone sex?

Ms Olivia