Embarrassed about being a cuckold

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You have a hot wife or sexy girlfriend and you are a cuckold.  Maybe your friends think you’re lucky because you’re with such a hot woman.  YOUR friends think you’re doing great.  But, trust me on this one, HER friends all know about your dick size.  Some of you wonder, does penis size matter?

We all laugh about your dicklette

I’ve been told I have a wicked laugh.  There’s a free sexy audio of my laughter in this blog about tiny dick men.  Women ALWAYS tell other women about cock size.

Her sexy friends know that she has a lover or lovers because you don’t measure up.  You know this.  You can’t talk about it because it is embarrassing but you confess all your failures as a man to me.

You struggle with feelings of arousal and humiliation

Your cock … and I use that term loosely … gets hard thinking of your sexy partner with another man.  But, that is really the point, isn’t it?  SHE does deserve a real man.  The thought of seeing her experience sexual passion gets you aroused.  Knowing you fail her as a man is therefore simultaneously hot AND mortifying.  That’s part of why I laugh at your conflicted emotions.  I know the cuckold experience is hard for you and that’s what makes it funny for me.

cuckolds are amazing men

The cuckold who accepts his place is actually an amazing person.  You adore your sexy woman.  You put HER sexual pleasure ahead of yours. You work to make sure that she is having great sex … even when she wants your to fluff her big dick partner.  It’s so humiliating yet you do it.  Good boy!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia