I thought my fetish desires were only about sex

Listen to my voice as I read you this sexy blog post.

If you think this same thing, then you are not alone.  I suspect that most people think of erotic pleasure as something “away” from “real life.”  The “separate” aspect often comes into play when someone is a sexual submissive but Alpha in other aspects of life.  I am often in the role of a sex therapist, so I think about these sorts of things.

This is one reason why we say it’s important to find your perfect Mistress.  As you can tell from my blog posts, I read, learn and think.  I’ll admit, I’m happy to be called a sexy nerd or geek!   So, here’s my latest interest.  Things that no one tells you at the beginning of your BDsm journey.

Learn about yourself with fetish play

Play parties and scenes all contribute to the “otherness” of kinky playtime.  No matter how “separate” these aspects of yourself might appear … remember YOU are the common element.  If you key into that and let the sensations flow over you, I guarantee you will learn about yourself.

Often the first insight will be why you like the kink that appeals to you.  On the other hand, you might not know a reason — you just are curious about a kink.  You might NEVER know the “why” of erotic pleasure.

Phone sex is perfect for exploration.  This caller says it beautifully:

“Phone sex allows for fantasy activities that are tremendously erotic but that could be unsafe or unwise in-person. I wouldn’t want to jeopardize aspects of my personal life with indiscretions that others would not understand. Heck, I don’t even understand the counter-intuitive things that get my motor running. I’m perfectly happy to keep those things in the closet. Or, perhaps more accurately, in the panty drawer!!”

I know you want to share your fetish

Some of you have tried to talk to your partner about your kinky erotic needs.  Sometimes this conversation works … sometimes it doesn’t.  I can be a safe and sexy place to share and explore your kinky interests.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia