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Mistress or Goddess

I got an email from a submissive who wants to know My thoughts on the various labels I use.  I hadn’t really thought of this before.  Sometimes I will call Myself a Goddess, Empress, Mistress or even other defining terms like Cuckoldress or Masturbatrix.  For Me, the labels are scene dependent and are yet another way to create our relationship in a scene.

Labels on women

There have been so many labels on women through the years…and there still are.  Many names have connotations that aren’t thought to be nice:  Temptress, femme fatale, Jezebel, etc.

Even the word Mistress can have many meanings ranging from the Femdom use of Mistress as the Female Dominant to the use of mistress as the other woman (and all THAT means).  Even in the BDsm world there are distinctions between various types of Mistress, for example the difference between a Lifestyle Mistress and fantasy Mistress.

Terms we use

There are also terms that we use here to refer to ourselves.  Enchantrix is a label created from our adult social networking site, Enchantrix Empire.  Masturbatrix is also a term that I think is unique to our community.  Have you heard the term Masturbatrix?

One caller offers these definitions

I really like this list!  While I don’t think that a label is automatically a good fit for an individual, I really like the thought put into this list and wanted to share it with you.


Temptress: A woman who is new to tempting herself & her male partner. Not alot of experience but more than ready to learn and execute her desires with his desires knowing she is the one in charge. A couple of years before becoming an Empress.

Empress: A woman with more experience of her desires, fantasies,(along with his)while keeping her men full of open thoughts to learn more from them and being in complete control the entire time. A few more years before Goddess is earned.

Goddess: A woman that has everything a Temptress & Empress has only with Much more experience. More pleasures, fantasies & being told by her men Many times,”How Beautiful She Is!”  She knows her beauty & now how to control men with it. (Uses it to her advantage) Many years of Goddess before reaching “Mistress” status.

Finally; Mistress: a woman who knows her beauty & can control ANY male with it. A woman who has Many years of experience in pleasure and pain. She is Always in control and knows how to put her men in their place. Punishment and Rewards are given to her men. She can be polite & she can be extremely cruel. “Don’t mess with The Mistress” attitude.

What do YOU think?  What do YOU want to call Me?

Post your comments in the comments section and I’ll reply.  Do you have a favorite term?  Why is that one your favorite?  I’m looking forward to this conversation!

Ms Olivia