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We’ve all been told that there are two genders …. guys and girls … men and women …. male and female.  Is that really true?  Are those two opposites the only option we have?  *sigh*  Like most of My comments, you won’t be surprised to learn that I enjoy the nuances and the diversity of …well….diversity!

Other cultures have an expanded view of gender.

Biology is typically used to determine gender, but as we know, sometimes biology isn’t enough.  There is the girl who is born with male genitalia.  There is the boy who has a female genetic structure.  There is the person who is ‘neuter’ and self identifies as being neither male or female.  And, there are those who experience the full fluidity of gender, being on the male side one day and the female side another day.

There are many names for these unique individuals.  Some are considered 3rd or 4th Spirits.  In Asian culture, those who are considered male at birth and become female in life or sexual life, are hijra.  In India, the ancient myths say the hijra have special powers.  I like that because the transgendered people I know have to develop special powers to live in Western culture that is often unfriendly and judgmental.

This Experienced Mistress also knows that some of you aren’t transgendered.  When you’re a man who likes dressing in women’s lingerie that doesn’t mean you’re transgendered.  And, wanting to be a sissy slut can simply be an expression of the way you like to experience your sexuality.

And for some men, it’s not about expressing a femme side…it’s about Mistress putting a man in panties as an expression of the dominance of a natural born Femdom!  When Mistress puts your balls in a pair of panties, well….that’s a new level of cock control, isn’t it?

So, your question is this….do you think there are ‘only’ two genders or is gender identity a bit more fluid than that?


Ms Olivia