What is your fetish?

Listen to me read you this sex fetish blog.

Do you have a sex secret?  I know you do.  And, maybe the more important question is … how do you scratch that sexual itch?  If you’re like most people, you don’t need “it” (whatever it is) all the time … but, when you do, the urge is intense, isn’t it? Where do you go?  What do you do?

Do you have someone who also enjoys naughty sex?  Or, are you like most people?  The vast majority of people are in a relationship that is the ultimate in ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’  I self identify as a pervert and wear my kink flag proudly.

Men have sex secrets

Every time I do a post about sex secrets I get lots of comments!  I don’t believe the internet has made people more perverted but I do think the internet has opened up ways to express fetish sex curiosity that was there all along.  Research like a Billion Wicked Thoughts just brings to view the things we already think about in the privacy of our kinky minds.

One phone sex caller puts it this way:

“I can’t control or eliminate the thoughts that excite me, that i have tried to keep at bay for years,I’ve come to the realization that i should just enjoy them to the extent that i can. (i’ve found numerous ways thanks to the internet 🙂 ) “

When you wife or partner doesn’t get your fetish

In an ideal world your real life sex partner is open to sexual exploration.  In an ideal world YOU are able to have open conversations about sex.  It’s not about blame.  In my experience, sometimes the man who calls phone sex can’t or won’t tell his partner what he wants sexually.

One caller writes about his wife

“The wife is very vanilla. I have tried subtle ways to broach the subject but her reactions tell me that it’s just not safe to go there with her. I guess it’s just too scary for some people. I understand that people feel safe and secure with concensus, with belonging to the mainstream.”

Phone sex is perfect for you

Who do you talk with about your fetish?  You’re not alone.  I get it and I even LIKE it. ~laughs~ Sounds like a win win, doesn’t it?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia