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I know that I get pleasure from being a Mistress.  The male submissive in the throes of submission is also experiencing pleasure.  This is sometimes called sub space.  What I enjoy in a power exchange session is Domme space.  This is the dance of power exchange.

dance of Dominance and submission

I’ve always thought about it as a dance.  Imagine two people dancing.  Yes, ONE person is doing the leading but that is merely to ensure that the flow of the steps to music works well.  If both people are trying to lead then you’ll get a lot of mashed up toes and a lousy “look” to the dance.  When one person leads and the other follows the two in unison look like ONE.  This is how I visualize the dance of Dominance and submission.

When I weave an erotic story fantasy while you masturbate to My voice, My words, My images, My creative passions…we are doing a dance.  It might look like I’m the one ‘in charge’ of the cock control because I am orchestrating the tease but we are BOTH in unison.  THAT is when it’s so amazingly hot and sexy for us both!  When we’re both telling and acting out the erotic roleplay I can feel the sexual energy every bit as much as you can.

pleasure and submission

Since much of what we do here at LDW is presented as Femdom Mistress phone sessions, I’d like to address something that is a hot topic on our adult social networking site, Enchantrix Empire.  Magnus pointed it out quite well.  It’s the issue of pleasure!  Here’s what magus has to say:

“I often hear others say that the whole BDSM thing is for the dominant’s pleasure not the sub’s. I call bullshit. Why would someone submit if they didn’t enjoy doing so? Rhetorical question. The sub gets off on submitting. Maybe he or she receives pain. Maybe it’s denial. Maybe servitude. Whatever. They are submitting because they enjoy it. One might get off on being a “slave”, but guess what? Slavery is illegal and anything not within the bounds of being consensual is against the law. So, the person in the submissive role is doing so by choice because they want to. So BDSM is for everyone’s pleasure though that pleasure may take on different forms?”

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.  Is submission ONLY to serve and pleasure Mistress?  If so, what about the pleasure the submissive gets by serving Mistress.  ~smiles~  What do you have to say?  Leave your comments or just give a call, either way, Mistress says, communicate!  ~laughs~  Okay, I couldn’t resist giving an order.

Ms Olivia