What makes you the best sissy?

Listen to my voice tell you all about being a sissy owned by the Experienced Mistress.

So, you want to be a sissy, now the question is what KIND of girly girl.  There are lots of blogs with advice about how to be the best sissy maid. I want to emphasize that it’s not merely the things you do, it’s how you feel while you’re doing certain things.

Issues of gender and sexuality are complicated.  Then. when you throw in power exchange and your submission, then our interactions will be targeted just for you.

Feminized by Mistress

Did you see my blog about being caught in my panties?  Once I know you have a sexual secret, I can begin to target my control and your feminization training.  At that point, your life changes dramatically!  One sissy says:

“When you are satisfied maybe I get a job as a salesgirl, secretary or something like that to bring in money for you as I would sign all paychecks over to you. Then at night …..well I’ll leave that up to you.”

Do you want to be owned by Mistress?

There is the ultimate joy in knowing who you are and to whom you belong.  The email continues:

“You are the best and what a lucky sub to accept a ring from you, wear it with the utmost pride and joy and know the bliss of being yours and then letting the world know I’m the luckiest person on earth! Oh, I get excited just thinking about the wedding night and all the things your experienced, wicked mind would cum up with.”

My wicked Mistress mind has all sorts of ideas!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia