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Ms Olivia and the cum eating blog

Did you know that I have a cum eating blog that I share with Ms Christine and Ms Violet?   It’s so much fun being a cocktease!  ~laughs~

Cum eating playtime

Doing cum eating games IS the way to make sure that you lick up your own cum.  There are many ways to please this Femdom and eating your own cum when you submit to Mistress is very sexy to us both!

He eats his own cum …. FINALLY!

Oh I know you want to eat your own cum but sometimes that’s easier said than done.  Still ….. this Experienced Mistress might be able to trick or … coerce .. you to taste cum!  ~grinz~  Would I do that?  YES!  One caller says what worked for him:

For me, it is all about submitting to my Mistress and Mistress Olivia.  I admit that I have only ‘finished every drop’ once!

After many failed/faked attempts my Mistress and Mistress Olivia had me cornered and I had no choice. I lapped up every drop without even thinking twice.  Later that day, I couldn’t help but think what I slut these ladies turned me into.

Turned him into a cum eater

~laughs~  Well sweetie, we’ve turned you into a cum eater!  I know you don’t eat your cum every time you are granted release but that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?  A Mistress knows how to keep masturbation, domination and sexy talk FRESH so …. ~laughs~ it’s not going to be the same each time.

Ms Olivia