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One of the main concerns of any caller to a phone sex line is this:  “Will the woman I call understand my fantasy?”  It’s horrible to be aroused and then have the voice on the other end of the phone say or do something that takes you out of your fantasy.  Let’s talk about that today.

How to pick the right Mistress

Even if you’re new to phone sex, you will want to experience this with the woman who is right for you.  If you’ve called other phone sex companies, we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you call us.  Our Mistresses are successful women who are creative and articulate in all the fantasy areas we offer.  Here’s a post about what others say about how to choose the right Mistress.

My background

I’m a former journalist and have been in communications My entire professional life.  This career in erotic entertainment is an extension of what I’ve been doing all My life!  I use active listening techniques combined with subtle interviewing to make sure I *get* your individualized expression of your kinky fetish or erotic needs.  As a network of erotic sites, we have a wealth of information about all sorts of fun fetish ideas.  And, we take the subtleties of your erotic needs seriously as you can see in these essays about various forms of crossdressing.

Experienced Mistress

I really AM the Experienced Mistress.  I am a *fetish player* in real life.  My personal relationship is with a sexually submissive man who loves erotic humiliation.  As a photographer, I got to know and adore men who like to cross dress.  I understand the difference between a crossdresser and a sissy.  I understand there are nuances and each person, each fantasy, is DIFFERENT!  I love those nuances and finding out what makes you *tick*.

We communicate before the session

I welcome your emails with details about what you want, your questions for Me and anything else on your mind.  One note, I’m in demand and therefore increasingly unable to give you blocks of time in IM before your session.  Many of you are in the midst of the IM “warm up” and I’m whisked away by a caller who gets Me before you.  I’ve posted what this means to you and how to best communicate with Me on My sessions page.  I don’t want to limit your ability to communicate with Me outside of sessions but please know that this is My livelihood and I will take the sessions in first come, first served basis.

Live Help Desk for immediate assistance

We have a Live Help Desk staffed by lovely Mistresses who can help you find the perfect Mistress for you.  I am usually one of the Mistresses who will be recommended for you if you say you want to do your session during My schedule of availability.

I communicate a lot with Ms Molly on Live Help.  Here’s a specific instance of how we work together to make sure you are FULLY satisfied!  *wink*

Ms Molly:  I’m proud every day of our service! One instance in particular was YESTERDAY–you know who I’m talking about, too!  We had a gentleman who was feeling pretty bummed, and was convinced that no one would be able to ever quite get his fantasy.  I was able to convince him to give our lovely, lovely Olivia the opportunity to listen to what he had in mind.

He fell in love with your look and your voice, but he was still feeling uneasy.  I promised him (and I don’t break promises) but he was still rather worried.  I GUARANTEED that he would enjoy himself with you.

Ms Olivia:  Awww…you know I always take care of the guys you send to me!  He did send Me an email to make sure I knew what he wanted.  He was still a little nervous, but YOUR IM with him made all the difference in the world.  I can understand that they’re horny for something specific and it’s such a letdown if the woman you’re talking with doesn’t ‘get it.’  That’s why Live Help is SO GREAT for all of us!  Then, he’ll only have blue balls if he wants them!

Ms Molly:  lol!!!  I told him to e-mail you.  He didn’t even realize he could!

Have you talked with our lovely Ladies on Live Help?  They’re GREAT!  Also, please feel free to send Me emails before your session to make sure you’re comfortable making that call.  What are some of your comments and questions?

Ms Olivia

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