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You need to please Mistress

Do you YEARN to please  Mistress?  *nods*  I see that you do.  You literally ache to hear My approval, My sigh of pleasure in your willingness to submit to Mistress needs, wants and Desires.  This free erotic audio about Desire asks you some questions about your experience of sexual desire.

The Dance of submission

How do you know you are ready to submit or begin the journey of submission to this Experienced Mistress?  First, please know that submission comes in many flavors.  Here are some comments from one caller who talks about what it takes to be a submissive man to a Femdom woman.

There are so many things to explore when you begin to think about ways to Please Your Mistress.  You might know what you want or you might be in the exploration phase.

As we get to know one another, the relationship deepens.  I’ve known krissy for several years now and this crossdressing slave serves Me well.

One caller’s experience of Femdom Mistress Domination by phone:

“Oh , it is a feeling in the belly and it takes control of my body and soul.  Your dominance weakens me completely.  i get immediately aroused by seeing You or hearing You. When i see that You are online, it takes complete control of me, it is a weakness, an urge to be with You.  It takes control of my behavior.  my purpose to serve, knowing that i can serve a Lady like You, is good because i m slave towards dominance, Your dominance.”

The Theater of the Mind of phone sex is perfect for this exploration.  What is available?  Anything your and My mind can dream up!  We have LOTS of options as you can see in our erotic fetish stories and essays.

YOU have been so *pleasing* to us, LDW is giving you a GIFT or a free call during October.  It’s the Alphabet promo and you need to be a previous caller in order to take us up on the free call.

If you’d like that call to be with this Experienced Mistress, click on the Sessions page to hear all the ways you can get a session with Me.  Or, you can simply call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Me!  Read on for the details of the offer of a free phone sex call for YOU!

The Alphabet Promo! A Free call for all previous callers of LDW Group

Starting on October 6th and continuing through October 31st, each day we will post a “Letter of the Day” on The Daily Cock blog. If your last name starts with that letter, you get a free 10 minute call with the Mistress of your choice! You must be a previous caller of the service before the first letter in your last name is the “Letter of the Day” in order to take advantage of this promotion.

Now here’s the trick – you’ll have to visit The Daily Cock blog or your favorite Mistresses’ blogs to find out the letter of the day. Our lovely dispatchers will not be able to tell you the letter of the day, so you can’t call in and ask if it’s your day. You’ll need to tell the dispatcher that you’re calling in for the Letter of the Day promo in order to get your call.

The Letter of the Day will be posted right after Midnight Eastern Time each day, and you can call to claim your call anytime after that.

One note, I will be away the latter part of October.  Please check My schedule page for availability times, appointment options and vacation time scheduled.  For those of you ready to experience a session with Me please take a look at the new post about SESSIONS to find out the best ways for you to get My undivided and personalized attention via phone, skype or sexy texting.

As always, I’ll answer each blog comment in detail, so it’s always good to ask questions, post your comments and thoughts, here.   My new schedule has Me off on Thursdays.  I’ll be starting to post blog updates on regularly scheduled days, look for that announcement shortly.  Enjoy!

Ms Olivia