What does it mean to belong to Mistress?

Kink relationships are just like any relationship.  There needs to be a mutuality in our interactions.  I was going to say we need to have a symbiotic relationship but if you look up the definition, there is one kind of symbiotic relationship that is not unlike a parasite.  YUCK that’s a “do me sub” and that’s no fun for this Mistress.  If I stop having fun, you will no longer belong to Mistress.

Many ways to belong to Mistress


There are so many ways to experience ownership and belonging in a kink environment.  Take a look at all the fetish sites just in the Enchantrix Empire. People are creative. Each person is an individual.  Read this comment from a chastity slave but don’t read it only in terms of chastity.  Read it for the emotions, no matter what your kinks are, and see if you can relate:

“First thing in the morning as I start to wake, I feel the tightness of my cage.  The stainless steel prison that holds your property, no more morning wood just the instant reminder of the control you have on me.  I grab the cage and stretch my full balls from the ring and right there my very first thought of the day is of  “oh Mistress Olivia You own me and what can I do to please You this day“.”

Do you yearn to please a Mistress?  How does this desire express in your life?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia