Qualities of a Superior Woman

Don’t believe everything you see when you watch porn. You’d be wrong if you think that a Female Led Relationship always consists of yelling and intense pain.  That might be the case with a strict Mistress but there are so many more facets to her (or any powerful feminine force).  These attributes combine to make you realize you need to obey a superior Woman. One submissive describes his relationship to a beautiful, powerful woman:

She is regal, beautiful, maternal, sexy and well kept. I am shy, timid, and enamored with her beauty and confidence.”

The superior Woman always wins

As you know, I am the Experienced Mistress that means I am thoroughly comfortable with my sexuality, femininity, freakiness and everything about my life and lifestyle.  I love seeing just how easy it is to capture a submissive. ~laughs~  This submissive in waiting continues:

“I have been hired to do work in her house.  To my surprise she invites me into her bedroom. She tells me she’d like to talk.  We sit down on the bed.  She is even more confident and I am even more nervous.”

Truthfully, you should be nervous.  What do you think when you hear a woman say, we need to talk? Do you get nervous like this poor guy?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia