Why have a Mistress for your feminization?

Listen to Mistress talk about your feminization journey.

The most obvious reason is to have a friend with you.  We both know that there are very different ways a cisgendered woman views a crossdresser or sissy.  It not easy to talk to your partner about cross-dressing.  This is more than makeup tips, lingerie shopping, and sexy play — when we build a relationship together you are KNOWN and your femme side is fully acknowledged, celebrated, nurtured and more.

treasured friend & lovely bride

I created a beautiful avatar for yvonne in our virtual world. That’s the photo you see as you read her lovely comments:

“Ms Olivia is the most wonderful woman I know. We have been talking for many years. She has been so helpful with my feminization journey.

Everything has improved of late. My voice, mannerisms, walk, and my general comportment has taken a big step forward in the last few months.

I have become more accepting of my female self. I have been crossdressing for many years and a great deal of that time I was aimless. I did not really feel my true self.

In the last few months with her guidance, we have explored my true inner feelings. Yvonne has really begun to blossom. Better late than never right? Thank you again Ms Olivia. I truly adore you. yvonne”

Love goes both ways

You really ARE my beautiful bride to be and treasured friend.  I love when I hear that I add something very special to your life.  That makes my heart sing.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia