Where do I get your phone fantasy?

Listen to my sexy voice talk to you about erotic roleplay.

I love role play and all sorts of fantasy phone sex.  Like you, I get turned on by erotic voices – mine and yours. Some of the scenes are from my private life.  While I’m not sure I like the term Lifestyle Mistress, I AM a Dominant in my private life and I play in the real world fetish scene.  I might use my experiences to create or color in your erotic fantasy but I really like to hear from YOU.

Part of the thrill of phone sex

Part of what I really love about doing this “work” is that I get to have intimate conversations with all sorts of people.  We talk about all sorts of things, including SEX!  I don’t mind saying that I’ve learned a lot from YOU as well!  Some of you have a specific phone fantasy and you’ll either send an email or you will tell me what you want at the start of our call.  Others want to talk about erotic things before getting into the specifics of sex.

We create our own phone fantasy

Great phone sex is rarely one sided.  We both create a world of our own; a world where there are sensual sexual exploration and all sorts of scintillating experiences.  Want to create that world with me?  I know you do.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia