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What are your questions for this Experienced Mistress?ย  You can ask Me anything.ย  I’ll either answer you or tell you that I’m not going to answer and give you a reason why.ย  For example if you want My address I will say no (LOL) but feel free to ASK what you want ๐Ÿ™‚

Questions about phone sex

What’s on your ….. errm, MIND that you’d like to ask Me?ย  You can ask about erotic conversations with Me, phone sex in general, services offered, etc.ย  Do you have questions about billing or privacy?ย ย  I’m trying to think of various questions I’ve gotten over the last three years.

Questions about fantasties

Phone sex is an amazing way to explore sexual desires.ย  For example, maybe you’ve been watching a certain kind of porn (especially kinky porn) and you feel aroused and want to find out more about it.ย  Well, where do you go?ย  Who do you ask?ย  LOLย  Could you imagine saying to a buddy or female friend, hey I stumbled across some cuckold porn and I was aroused…now what?ย  Or, maybe you totally enjoy pleasing a woman and feel the urge to take it even further …. Who do you ask what IS further?ย  If you ask this Experienced Mistress I can guide your questions and then determine if you’re interested in body worship or something more intense like D/s slave training.

Questions about sexuality

The single most common question from our suck patrol site is about sexuality of a man who fantasizes about sucking cock.ย  So, are you curious about your sexuality or sexual preference?ย  Ask Me!

Questions about this Experienced Mistress

I tend to tell you a lot about Me and people always have questions.ย  What would you like to know?

Post your questions here and I’ll answer in My replies.ย  ENJOY!

Ms Olivia