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Every person has sexual secrets or a particular private sex fantasy that is a “go to” fantasy for guaranteed quick orgasm.  I have My own erotic thoughts.  *wink*  And, after talking to thousands of phone sex callers, I now know that it’s human to have a private sex life that you hesitate to share with your real life sexual partner.  That’s normal.  Are you willing to settle for a normal and ordinary sex life?  Probably not if you’re on My blog.

Confess your deepest sexual desires

I hear a LOT of confessions.  There’s something about the safety of talking on the phone that makes it easy to say what you really want in the sexual experience of your wildest dreams.  Some people only want to talk about naughty thoughts.  Some want to do a phone sex roleplay of the scene.  Some really want to take kinky desires into real life.  Which one are you?  I want you to leave a comment and tell Me!

Connection from sharing your sex secrets

When you actually say your darkest desires out loud you can experience a new level of sexual intensity.  I’ve done lots of posts about intimacy and phone sex and why you can get here what you don’t get in real life.

Can’t or don’t want to talk to your real life sex partner?

That is the reality of most real life relationships.  Some callers tell Me that they’ve tried to talk to wives or girlfriends.  One recent closet crossdresser told Me that he did talk to his wife and now she wants him to stop crossdressing!  One of the most common secrets is the man who is fascinated by dicks and cock sucking.  Can you share that in real life?  When you talk to Me about it you don’t get that judgment and you will get the experience you so enjoy!

I’d love to read comments from you and hear what you have to say about YOUR secret sex thoughts.

Until next time,

Ms Olivia