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It’s a nature versus nurture question.

There are no “right” answers per se.  I’d like to hear your thoughts and experiences.  As regular readers know, I’m all about the conversations rather than getting to an absolute answer.  What is true and right for one person might be something another person can’t stand.

Dominance and submission

Are you submissive?  How do you identify yourself?  Do you say you’re a sexual submissive or are you a submissive man or submissive women … or even this:  only submissive when crossdressing?  Yes, there are many forms of submission.  You are unique and your sexual expression is also unique to you.

This blog often explores the these kinky nuances.

This post is inspired by a request from Forrest who says:

“I would love to see a blog post on the differences between sexual submission and a submissive nature. I feel I have a very submissive nature, but sexually I am neither submissive or dominant. My actual view of sex is that of indifference. And yea I like cake.”

~laughs~  Cake is a good thing Forrest!  So, let’s discuss!  You’ve mentioned before that you do love to masturbate but you’re indifferent to sex with another person.  Do I have that right?  If so, you’re not alone.

Masturbation is the most popular form of sexual pleasure

Many people prefer self pleasure or masturbation as their main form of sexual release simply because you get exactly what you want sexually!  After all, who knows your body better than you!?  People who love to masturbate often enjoy having a Mistress give instructions, guidance and masturbation management.  This can be with varying amounts of cock control and orgasm control.

Sometimes the control only happens in a sexual content; for example, only during the phone sex call or during a specific erotic roleplay.  This might be an example of someone who is sexually submissive or turned on by being submissive in sexual situations.

I think it is easier to define submission in sexual situations rather than something elusive like a “submissive nature.”  That’s why I’d like to hear from you My dear blog readers who leave such great comments!  How do you define, submissive nature?  Do you think that is situationally inspired or are you born with that submissive way of being?  Are YOU submissive?  *wink*

Ms Olivia