Are you submissive to Mistress?

Some of you say that being submissive to Mistress is an occasional thrill.  For others, being in subspace centers your mind and your body.  One is not “more right” than another; there is no right or wrong with power exchange.

Mistress loves a submissive

I love using twitter ( @MistressOlivia1 ) to talk with you. Here’s my question:  How important is submission to you?  I got a bunch of great answers.  Here’s one comment:

“For me, it is pretty important.  

Fulfilling a purpose, providing service, being valuable, are all part of what drives me.  That can be from a command (or request), or a sense of duty.

If I can provide that in a sexual way for a mistress…win win!”

Is power exchange sexual for a Mistress?

Yes but not always in terms of having an overtly sexual physical orgasm.  There is something called Domme space that I mention is a blog about being a strict Mistress.

Sometimes an orgasm (especially being told by some to have an orgasm) actually knocks me out of my Domme space or even a general erotic space.  Remember I do like being the one in charge, no matter how sensual I am feeling or being.

How important is is it to you to be a good submissive to your Mistress? Let’s find out.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia