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When you are submissive

I get lots of questions about how to handle your kinky sex fetish with your real life partner.  Sissy kathy had a two part question.  The first part was about crossdressing and purging.

Today, I’ll address her desire to be a sissy submissive in real life.  While kathy identifies herself as a sissy, the desire to be a submissive in real life is a common theme I hear on many phone sex calls.

The erotic thrill of being controlled by a Femdom Mistress is a powerful urge for those with that kink. I’ll post more from the men themselves about why they love to be a submissive to a Dominant Woman.  This description is from tommieboy: “I love the layers upon layers of gift-giving and receiving that can be found in dominance and submission. The submissiveness of a strong man may indeed be something that is highly valued by his Domme, but the ways she shows him this are also gifts that make him (me) want even more strongly to show her how much I will suffer for her. And of course the scene games we play are gifts of spontaneity in where they go, whether it involves suffering or not.”

Are you ready to suffer for Mistress?

What does it mean to you when you read that?  Does this inspire your submission?  Tell me all about you.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia